Kirsten & Chase - Brooklyn wedding!

Kirsten and Chase were married not far from their home in one of the most beautiful churches I've ever photographed at (St. Charles Borromeo) --in the heart of Brooklyn Heights in New York City. The love, sincerity and excitement we felt in the church carried us through a photo shoot in front of the Manhattan skyline after the ceremony in spite of the drizzly, winter evening we were experiencing.

Coming from out of state, I was so excited to be in NYC to photograph such an amazing, elaborate wedding! I was wooed by the views of the Brooklyn Bridge from high up in a hotel room where the bridal party was getting ready, by the classic old style NYC taxi Kirsten and Chase rented to get around from venue to venue. I loved the giant dance space in their reception hall along the waterfront in Red Hook with a view of the lower Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty. And, of course, if you have followed this blog for any amount of time you'll know I love an epic wedding dance floor. Kirsten and Chase's celebration delivered that in spades.

Following are a few of my favorite images from throughout the day--but please scroll down to the slide show at the bottom of this post and be sure to click through to the Vimeo site to watch the full story of the wedding day in full screen, HD (and turn your audio up). Congratulations Kirsten and Chase!

Kirsten & Chase from Nathaniel Wilder on Vimeo.


Gretchen & Cullen - upstate New York wedding!

I loved getting to photograph Gretchen and Cullen's autumn wedding in Ithaca, New York. Gretchen is an old college bud of mine and is seriously one of the most energetic, funtimes people that I know. So It made sense that her wedding to Cullen would be a relaxed, fun atmosphere with family and friends in a big, beautiful back yard on a lake surrounded by trees.

 Autumn in upstate New York is impressive! I think I just caught the beginning of it, but the leaves were just starting to change, the air had cooled and the wood smoke began to linger as households began their descent into winter. The wedding party swam in the lake, enjoyed a fire in the backyard pit, sauna in the large rental house and dance parties in the woods. Can't wait to go back to this part of the country!

 Following are a few of my favorite images from the day--but please scroll down to the slide show at the bottom of this post and be sure to click through to the Vimeo site to watch it in full screen in HD (and turn your audio up). Enjoy!

Gretchen & Cullen from Nathaniel Wilder on Vimeo.


Susannah & Don - Rhode Island wedding

I'm excited to share this set of images from Susannah and Don's wedding in Rhode Island in September. I've never photographed a wedding there before and was especially honored to be asked to shoot it given that Susannah is a professional photographer herself. Aside from it being a beautiful, sunny day beach wedding, some of my favorite things about this celebration were the sunset light, the picturesque, historic lighthouse we were able to use as a backdrop for our bride and groom portraits, an epic dance floor (complete with some of the cutest kid dancing I've seen), and the high energy level of Susannah and her husband. All these factors came together to make for a wonderful celebration and a fun set of photographs. Following are a few of my favorite images from the day--but please scroll down to the slide show at the bottom of this post and be sure to click through to the Vimeo site to watch it in full screen in HD (and turn your audio up). Enjoy!

Susannah & Don from Nathaniel Wilder on Vimeo.


Erika & Lucas wedding - California

I'm excited to share a slide show of images from a beautiful day in northern California last summer. I loved shooting in Sonoma County (my first wedding there!) --as I understand that one can usually count on good light during the summertime. And what a beautiful day it was! Lucas and Erika did a great job in deciding on the location--a big *dusty* (#notreallydusty) barn in wine country--a setting close to their hearts and homes. The day wasn't too hot and the wedding ceremony was held outside behind the barn. After mingling, people went inside to celebrate and dance into the night. And, thankfully, I wasn't disappointed with the enthusiasm on the dance floor--one of my favorite parts about a wedding. Congratulations Erika and Lucas--may you live long and happily together with great humor and enthusiasm! Following are a few still images from the day--but please scroll down to the slide show at the bottom of this post and be sure to click through to the Vimeo site to watch it in full screen in HD (and turn your audio up). Enjoy!

Erika & Lucas from Nathaniel Wilder on Vimeo.


Sarah and John wedding -- West Virginia!

_K8A5958 A couple of summer's ago I used the word "epic" (which I don't often use) to describe a certain wedding dance floor in Talkeetna, Alaska--and described how much fun I'd had documenting the craziness of that family as they cut numerous rugs on the dance floor. Fast forward to last year when Sarah (the sister of the aforementioned bride) got in touch with me to photograph her wedding in a historic, beautiful little town in the mountains in West Virginia. Imagine my delight--and expectation--to bear witness to, and document, another epic family dance floor! I'll let the photos do the talking but suffice to say that 1) Yes, Lewisburg is one of the most beautiful places I've been on the east coast, 2) Yes, there was another surprise wedding guest "flash mob" on the dance floor 3) Yes, there was an imaginary jump rope forcing some tight moves such that I have never seen and 4) Yes, the under-12 population (of which there were many) grabbed the DJ's mic at one point and belted out a better rendition of a Kelly Clarkson song than the original that Kelly Clarkson sang. Following are a few of my favorite photos but scroll down to the bottom to see a complete slide show from Sarah and John's epic wedding day! Note: you'll want to watch this in HD to maintain the full image quality --so please link through to Vimeo and watch it there for HD. _K8A5736 _11C2604 _K8A5926 _K8A5614 _11C3918 _11C4372 _11C5665 _11C5619 _11C6261 _11C4686

Lewisburg, West Virginia
June 29, 2013


Blog update--summer of 2013!

_11C4547 This summer has been full of a few surprise commercial shoots and a good mix of adventures and work. I'm still accepting a limited number of weddings each season, but every wedding I shot this year (aside from one civil ceremony in a courtroom in Anchorage) was outside of Alaska. I'm looking forward to having some time to breathe this fall to update this blog space with some of these amazing events! But for now I thought I'd stop in and load a few images from a wedding I photographed in rural Oklahoma earlier this summer--since they are fresh out of my edit machine... _11C5389 _K8A2709 _K8A2762 _K8A3041 _11C4365 _K8A2943 _11C6098 _K8A3383 _K8A3623 _11C6353 _11C6567 _11C7221 _11C6808 _K8A4347 _11C6940 _11C7123 _11C7150 _11C7293


Sharon & Tom--California wedding!

_K8A0648 Sharon and Tom were married in the backyard of a beautiful, private home in Laguna Beach on a softly lit spring day at the end of March. I loved seeing how sweet they were with each other. Sharon was a gracious and thoughtful bride. Given Tom's otherwise calm demeanor, I was tickled to see his expert lip sync rendition of "Ice Ice Baby" on the dance floor. One thing that really stood out to me about the day was how much all of their friends came together to contribute to their wedding. From the provision of a beautiful home above the beach to be married in, to the creation of their wedding cake by another friend--the great love their friends have for them was woven into every element of the celebration. I also appreciated the free copies of "The Greatest Thing In The World" --a wonderful handbook about Love--that were given to guests in attendance. The day was an truly an expression of thoughtfulness and love. Happy 2013 everyone! I'll be blogging the handful of out-of-state weddings I'm (looking forward to) photographing this summer--so stay tuned. _K8A1107 _11C3098 _K8A1099 _K8A1157 _11C3241 _K8A1219 _11C3470 _11C3553 _K8A1806 _K8A1872 _K8A2235 _11C2935 _11C3677 _K8A1972 _11C4372 _11C4445 _K8A2672 _11C4865 _K8A2702