Bree, Ryan, and other 4th of July celebrations

Here are some images from Bree and Ryan's July 4th wedding.

After a somewhat sunny (!) ceremony in the Anchorage Botanical Gardens (where a sow and two cub black bears had been sighted earlier in the day) we migrated over to the Native Heritage Center to continue the celebration. I have to say, we Alaskan wedding photographers are a lucky bunch. Huge picture windows poured diffused light onto the dance floor all night, preventing the need for lighting the scene with flash.

I appreciated how laid back Bree and Ryan were, limiting the formal conventions and focusing on just enjoying the company of their friends throughout the evening.

I was just going to head home after leaving the wedding around 10:30 but I had a fire in me --and something was impelling me to head towards the sun that had progressed into an accessible, red sphere suspended by clouds above Mt. Susitna.

As I watched, it made a clean escape--slipping into the earth just left of direct north (it seemed).

On the way home I realized that a (free) display of fireworks was about to commence in mid-town's Mulcahy Park. The streets surrounding the park were packed with onlookers and, not wanting to miss out on the coming together of the diverse walks of life to be found in our city, I joined the crowds and wandered in the direction of the stadium. It wasn't so much the fireworks, but the people that I wanted to be around. Here are a few images from the presentation--which took place at midnight.

Oh, and I should add here: ever since I switched to Canon (from Nikon) a few months ago, I have been locked in a state of pure bliss about my newfound capability to shoot quality, attractive images at high ISOs (in low light). Each of these images taken during the fireworks display were shot at ISO 1000 to 1600--something I would have been unable to make look (in any way) decent with my old Nikon set-up. Thank you Canon, and Dave Getzschman--an old friend that coached me into the transition.


  1. Those are some wonderful shots! I wish I had you there to coach me on my 4th pictures (I get what you mean about Nikon & ISO). I will post them soon on my blog. I just posted all my Alaska pictures and I miss it already. We're sweating in the upper 90's this week.

  2. Nathaniel your pictures are amazing! I have been inspired! Thanks for doing such a good job at Bree's wedding.
    Nicole Lamb (bridesmaid)