My brother is an animal

(talking with fans)

Allright, I just had to go ahead and post a few photos from my brother's (Forrest) rugby match last night. I've always admired his strength in this sport, not to mention his size, and well, why not... his bushy red beard.

Photographing rugby makes my heart beat just a little bit faster.

Back in college I shot a lot of the sport for the college paper and inevitably would get asked why I wasn't playing (considering Forrest's prowess in the sport). To be honest, its because I'm pretty sure I would have been snapped clean in half on that field. Those guys are brutal. I don't think a I've seen a match where there isn't at least a little blood shed.

Some guys tape their ears back so they won't get torn off.

Here are some photos.

Don't mess with Samoa.

My brother taking some sucker down--yes ladies, he's single.


  1. Awesome pics of the beefy guys Nat. Rugby is truly the coolest sport on the planet and you demonstrate it quite well in your pics.