One Light Workshop

(Zack Arias transmits his mastery of lighting to my ready consciousness).

This past week I had the opportunity, nay privilege, to take part in a workshop in which the fundamental purpose was to educate students on the diversity of artistic possibilities for lighting a subject using a single, unnatural light source.

Only 12 were chosen.

Seriously though, Zack Arias' sharing about his approach to lighting his commercial portraiture work was unpretentious, his philosophy practical and his delivery refreshing. I'm sure I can speak for everyone when I say that we call came out of the 15 hour class (that's right, I left around 1:45 in the A.M.) not only energized by the possibilities of harnessing light for numerous creative results but perhaps a little bit more of a thoughtful person because of it. Zack's philosophy and teaching techniques just seem to have that effect on people.

Scroll down for images taken throughout the long day--the last of which were taken around 1am.

(Zack also instructs students how they can save lives using their gear. Here he demonstrates the efficiency of a light stand in a real-life mud rescue).

One Light. One Love.


  1. I *LOVE* your shots of the class. Good work :)

    I found your link from Dan's page.

  2. This guy looks like a cartoon character! I can kind of see the effect of his influence on your recent work (the silhouette bride shot). Was the workshop held in AK or somewhere else in the Pacific NW?