All About Maleia

My dear friend, Maleia, has asked on more than one occasion why she has not shown up in my blog--so in the interest of maintaining our friendship, I give you Maleia.

All images were taken during a recent trip to Boise, Idaho and subsequently, to visit Maleia’s mother and step dad (Anni & Bruce) their four dogs, four rabbits, three chickens, two cats, and Sylvester the spider who all live happily and healthily in their little home just off main street in New Plymouth, Idaho.

(Actual, functioning water wheel).

I'll leave you with Bud, the dear neighbor who, at 80 years old, decided on an "early retirement" from the trucking business (during which time he logged countless miles across the lower 48--north to south, east to west).


  1. I like the feet picture the best. Sweet stuff, dude.

  2. I love both the feet photo and the mom hug. Nathaniel, are any of your Tibet and other Asian travel photos on your websights?

    Namaste, Michelle

  3. Love your subject-centered pics (don't know the photography-speak for that technique, sorry), like your curious dog pic and your feet shot. You have much to teach me!

    So, you're saying if we make enough noise, we'll get featured in your blog ? ? ? :-)

    Great stuff . . .