Jen and Wade

Last Saturday, in the wooded yard of friends near downtown Anchorage, my good buds Wade and Jen were married. Everyone had been eagerly anticipating the day (some more anxiously than others) since the engagement began in Hawaii last winter.

The theme of the day: Traces of Red. Actually I just made that up, but it really seemed like everyone was in on it.

The heavens held clear just long enough, until the light-box that was the sky filled fully with moisture it couldn't contain.

But there were tents!

We'd finished portraits by the time the rain cut loose...and the less formal festivities began. Guests ate an amazing meal prepared by friends, rocked out to the couple's friend's band--Woodrow--and drank wine and beer provided by the winery and the brewpub of yet more friends. All around, it was a day prepared with love.

I'm posting more images than usual because the day was extra Long--all 12 hours of shooting time...

and because it's Jen and Wade.


  1. What a suave looking couple! Nathaniel, you know how bring it.

  2. Oh, Nathaniel! They're beautiful pictures. I wish I could have been there with all my heart. Thanks for giving me a taste of the festivities!!!