Photos from Sarah Palin republican rally in Anchorage

Last weekend, Sarah Palin returned to Anchorage for a brief appearance at a rally supporting her pick for the republican presidential ticket.

It was a scene.

I showed up at the new Dena'ina Civic and Convention Center an hour before the doors were to open, put my name on the press list and then hung near the press table snapping photos of folks in line (and one protester) for a bit. Eventually, 10 or so of us were led around to the side of the building where we were told to line our tens of thousands of dollars worth of photo and video equipment along the sidewalk so it could be sniffed thoroughly by a German Shepherd and picked through by human security. Then, one by one, we were frisked by security with a metal detector (cursing myself for carrying so many metallic-type items in my pants pockets) and let loose on the crowd.

The room was huge--apparently built to hold 5000. My guess is that there were 1500-2000 (max) present--including media. There was so much empty space. But they bunched everyone in under the stage lights and there we stood, fervent Alaskan pride steaming from our egos and excited for a celebrity appearance.

While we waited, I picked through the crowd, looking for interesting Palin supporters to photograph. I think I found one in this little girl.

And then she arrived...

With her husband, Todd and family:

Then, under the vigilant and many eyes of the Secret Service, and amidst screams--yes, *SCREAMS*--of "I love you Sarah!", and "Sarah, come back!", she spent a good 20 minutes signing and greeting those fortunate enough to cram themselves to within a 5 foot radius of the stage. I was included in this mess and left with ears ringing (the lady next to me REALLY loved Sarah) and forehead damp with perspiration.

But my free reign to move among the crowd during the event and the photos that the signing after her speech afforded made this one of the more exciting shoots of my year.

And, of course, a few of her youngest supporters stuck around well after the Palin entourage had left.

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  1. Wow! I'm wondering if the national press picked up some of your shots - those were excellent. I hope Dena'ina is nicer looking on the inside than it is on the outside.