Sarah Palin protest in Anchorage photos--finally!

I've been meaning to get these Palin protest photos up for awhile--but I haven't quite had a chance to edit through them all until now. This protest took place the same day as the Palin rally in downtown Anchorage. In fact, by the time this protest was under way, Sarah herself was already on a plane to Nevada for another rally.

The turn-out for this event was impressive! About 1500 folks. It had been widely spread via word of mouth as well as denounced on a local conservative talk show host's station. This brought the protesters out in numbers after a few vulgar and controversial comments were made by the host of the radio show in the direction of the protest organizers. As you can see from the signs, which most interested me, there were some passionate opinions flying.

As you may notice, this was mostly a "women against Palin" protest. Although men were present as well. Notice in the next few images, some of the Palin supporters sprinkled throughout the protesters (although many of the small number of supporters stuck to the opposite side of the street).

All in all, however, the anti-Palin's were in the vast majority. I was grateful for the lack of violence and upset. In fact, many of the protesters wore smiles and seemed to be having a wonderful time!

Long live free speech!!


  1. Hi! A friend of mine has been working in the Pribilofs and came back with amazing photographs and it was cool to see your pictures too -you have some awesome pictures on here!!!

    There are some funny signs from this protest. My fav. I think was the "don't insult my pitt bull" one...Anyway, I'm going to send this to my dad :) Thanks for posting them.

  2. Lots of funny signs, and quite a few mean ones (most people, Alaskans or otherwise, should be offended by the "small town" comment).

    Awesome job capturing the emotions in 2D.

    Totally agree - free speech is da shizzle.