St. George on Tuesday

At the end of most days on this island, I'm never sure where the day has gone.

Today was like that...over before it started. But we actually did a lot. Fingers crossed, we watched the PenAir flight touch down that would take my brother Forrest off the island (3 days after his plane had been scheduled to leave--a delay due to the common, dense island fog). We climbed up (a most rickety ladder) into the dome of the local Russian Orthodox church during a tour given by Rodney--who's been an alter boy there for almost 40 years and can incidentally play a mean bell. We watched as a blue-phase arctic fox (probably attracted by the aroma of reindeer meat in the cottage) left us a little present on the porch. And we 4-wheeled and hiked out to East rookery followed by Kiskasilof Beach to watch northern fur seals (then sea lions) for a bit. Ryan did his entrapment counts--looking for seals that had been caught in packaging from which they were unable to free themselves--while I worked on a multi-media piece.

Dinner was early tonight...we actually were eating leftover salmon by 10:15.

Whoops...more than a one-photo post. Oh well.

I kind of want to live here.


  1. Love the yawning seal pic! For the past week, I have felt exactly the way that little guy looks in the picture, courtesy of your nephew's late night irascibility.

  2. i kinda want to live here too...but then, in my book...and in my writing...I do!! Thanks for introducing me to my heart's "home" k