Desolation Canyon - post one

In early October I flew down to Colorado and traveled to the quiet, mountain community of Buena Vista to visit the Link School. Some friends had recently opened the school to provide an outdoor-oriented education for high school students looking for more than a traditional approach to learning.

My purpose in being there was to engage the thirteen students in the fundamentals of photography. Since many of them have fairly basic cameras, we focused on compositional techniques.

My hope is that they will use these techniques to make images that surpass the mundane—because making great images can be done with any kind of camera. It begins with seeing things differently…

After a night at “Fort Link” we were off to Utah to float Desolation Canyon on the Green River. Desolation is one of the most remote wilderness areas in the lower 48 and is apparently one of two (or few) undammed, floatable rivers down there.

Staff meets upon arrival at Sand Wash put-in.

Boat loading and general goofiness:

Lunch break mud wrestling: Forrest vs. Tucker.

Almost ending in a draw, Tucker's victory is hard-won.

Joe Hutch Rapid at mile 40.


  1. Nattie,

    Great photos! I've enjoyed reading your blog. I'll be interested to see what further adventures you go on next! Find anything cool on the Pribs? Looks like you had a great time there!

  2. Well done, Nathaniel. Great angles and lighting. My few days wildlife tracking with the Link School kids went by quickly but very enjoyably - and I got to see full use of the lodge overlooking the Arkansas R. valley. What a place those kids have to learn!

  3. I think I could pick out Eliot in the campfire photo . . . Becca just sent me some pics of the goings-on at Link. Looks incredible! Katie