Kristy & Calvin--on the radio!

Well, yesterday was a new experience! I got a call last week to photograph an on-air wedding for local station KWHL. Calvin, the groom, is getting deployed to Kosovo in a few weeks and he and Kristy were looking to seal the deal before his departure. So local morning show hosts, Bob and Mark, offered to officiate their ceremony over the air during their daily show.

Kristy came in early to get her hair and makeup done and soon Calvin, his buddy (best man), and Kristy's children arrived. After a pre-wedding on-air interview during which time Calvin's friends and family called in from places like Kotzebue and Arizona, the wedding commenced. Despite the cramped nature of a radio station (standing room only), the ceremony was beautiful. The vows came straight from the heart and had Kristy in tears. In a short time they kissed on it, cake was served, and the children were shuttled back to the car to head off to school.

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