Molly, a yurt, and some election night photos

I'm going to hold the prose on this post--just wanted to put some random images up. The first is Ryan and Maleia's dog Lucy at the Rapids Camp Yurt near Eagle River a couple nights ago. Fresh off a treeless island, where he'd dwelt for the last 5 months, we figured Ryan needed a change of scenery for a night. After a visit to the lower 48, he's headed back to the island in 3 weeks to herd reindeer for the winter.

Following that, Molly and her accordion. How many people do you know that can play a decent tune on the concertina? Molly can.

Finally, a smattering of imagery from election night in Anchorage a couple weeks ago. Image 2-5 were taken in the Obama room at election night central during the celebration. The next four images are former Mayor and Senator-elect Mark Begich (first Democratic Senator from Alaska in 30 years) and incumbent Congressman Don Young. The last three are Democratic challenger for Congress Ethan Berkowitz (and his daughter, Hannah, on someone's shoulders).

If you want to see more of my photos from that election night craziness, follow the link to a gallery I posted on my website:


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