Snow is here.


The snow is falling, finally validating the winter cold we've been getting...7th coldest October on record. Snow fell at the end of September--in a good quantity in the mountains. But down here in town we've been looking at green and brown still for the most part. I know we're only supposed to get 3 inches in town, but up to 10 is falling in the mountains. Whether or not 3 inches will be usable is missing the point for now. SNOW MAKES THE WINTER. I'm happily sitting here at my computer, drinking tea, editing images, and watching snow cover all those dead patches of grass. It's accumulating on the knobs of the two clumps of birches out front of our home. It's collecting on the stationary bull moose in the woods at the end of the street. And its forcing contrast into the world around us. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHOOPEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, I've been horrible about blogging. I'm about 4 blogs behind, I figure. So expect some catchup blogs shortly.

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