exploring Adak

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Images from a week-long spring camping trip on the island of Adak the week before last...featuring Ryan, lots of volcanoes and "Saint Al"...the friendliest guy on the Aleutian Chain!

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Al Giddings, an Adak resident, was one of the friendliest people I've ever met. He insisted on hauling us and our gear to the end of the road at the south end of town--and then picked us up at the end of the week to give us a tour of the road system on the island that we hadn't seen as well as the old Bering Chapel (a vestige of World War II in this far western town) before our plane back to Anchorage.

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  1. Hey Natti! I like the new header you have on your blog. It looks great. :) And amazing photos per usual.

  2. Nice pictures in Adak.

  3. These Adak pictures really capture the beauty of the place! I used to live there, in fact, Al Giddings is my dad. Your pictures are so moving, they make me long for places like the old Bering Hill Chapel and remember old times exploring finger bay and the bomb shelters, hunting off the road system. Thank you for appreciating that special place that I'm proud to have called my home.