White Mountains Ski Tour Part 1

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A couple weeks ago, traveler and documentarian extraordinaire, Cameron Martindell flew up from Outside to do a 7-day classic ski tour in the Interior with me. After a night in Fairbanks, we drove north an hour and began a 100-mile cabin-to-cabin tour of the White Mountains National Recreation Area.

Needless to say it was an amazing trip. We were blessed with sunshine most of the time, aurora viewing most of the nights, and cold wind (down to 40 below) which tested our winter travel skills.

I'm not going to take up any more space here with words. Stay tuned for news of a forthcoming written piece. This is a two-part post so scroll down past the end to see more images of the trip.

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Edel, a Norwegian woman we met, appropriately skijoring into a cabin on day one of our trip.

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Moose Creek Cabin (night one)--in which we arrived after midnight and were asleep by 4:30am.
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A self-portrait from our coldest weather.

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Cache Mtn. Cabin.
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Melting snow for drinking water.
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We found overflow (partially frozen water forced to the surface by an overly packed trail) to be a particularly common hindrance during the second half of our trip.

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For Cameron's account of the trip (including a two-part video) go here:

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  1. looks a lil cold natty! that long exposure of the chimney is an amazing image!