youth event--Missouri

IMG_1752 copy

I've been thoroughly enjoying getting hired to shoot these events around the lower 48. Every one is an opportunity to learn to see light better and refine the art of the moment capture.

IMG_1305 copy

IMG_2769 copy

IMG_2991 copy

IMG_2548 copy

IMG_2845 copy

IMG_3161 copy

IMG_3261 copy

IMG_2517 copy

IMG_3079 copy

IMG_3858 copy

IMG_4660 copy

IMG_3038 copy

IMG_5193 copy

IMG_4427 copy

IMG_3332 copy

IMG_3355 copy

IMG_3502 copy

IMG_3269 copy

IMG_2406 copy

IMG_3712 copy

IMG_3669 copy

IMG_3010 copy

IMG_3054 copy

IMG_4828 copy

IMG_2286 copy

IMG_4644 copy

IMG_4055 copy

IMG_4129 copy

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