Kirsten & Colin

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I don't normally cover a wedding for only two hours but Kirsten & Colin's Kincaid wedding turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to work hard at making unique, meaningful wedding pictures within a short time frame. I love shooting quickly and trying to make images that have lasting and aesthetic value.

The ceremony itself was short, but truly sweet with Colin and Kirsten sharing vows they'd personally written for each other. Both the bride and groom entered the ceremony at the same time with their parents. At the end Colin's dad and little brother played some nice tunes to accompany the receiving line.

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Elliott's birthday party/foot race

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A few weeks ago my little buddy Elliott had his 5th birthday party at Kincaid Park. His folks told me he had started planning the day a year earlier! The main event involved a foot race with all of his friends in which Elliott himself was not to run but to "referee". For that reason, he wore a big brass whistle around his neck to signal the start of the race--but after everyone had started, the contagious enthusiasm got to him and he couldn't help but join the pack.

Scroll down to see images from the day and a few "portraits" of the kids.

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Lining up for the race start.

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False start....ah, forget about it.

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The winner comes down the chute.

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2nd place!

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The medals were hand-crafted by artisans in Little Tutka Bay! :)

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Don't worry, the bat was plastic.

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Elliott's big brother Bennett.

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Uh, getting a little close.

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Father and son.

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