Emily & Elliott

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My mom’s a pretty spiritual lady, but you know what she’s religious about? Watching my wedding slide shows. She loves them and always wants to know when the next one is going up.

While my main commitment is to making good photos for the brides and grooms that hire me, I have to admit that while putting together the slide shows, I do think of my mom some of the time. And I think she’s going to especially love this one. Emily chose this song by Ben Folds for the slide show and I find the piano and lyrics have an especially strong effect on the heart strings…this one ought to pass the mother test. I wish I could be there to see her eyes well up.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anyone smile more than Emily on her wedding day. She was so joyful and full of laughter the whole time. I commented to a friend later that it was hard to make a bad photograph with so much happiness evident on everyone’s faces. I love weddings.

Here’s to the beautiful day with Emily and Elliott!!! Scroll down to the bottom to see a short slide show.

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The slide show (press in the center to play):


  1. Emily & Elliott, what a great way to capture the day. It was a beautiful day, a beautiful event to join you in, and the photos are exceptional. Such a great way to remember the day.

    Miss you guys, and hope all is well in your new life/ Kathleen, Peter & Maeve

  2. Nathaniel,

    Thank you for the absolutely stunning photos and for sharing the day with us. We look forward to seeing the rest!

    Emily & Elliott

  3. John Geddes and Jyll HolzmanJune 22, 2009 at 3:44 PM

    Emily and Elliott,

    The slide show is simply astonishing. We missed the day, but it helped us treasure the moment you two shared.

    Much love, John and Jyll

  4. Dear Nathaniel,
    Thank you for making this extraordinary day even more memorable for our daughter Emily.
    Warmly, Kevin and Mary

  5. Great photos. Made me want to get married again. Well, maybe not. I'm going to chase you two down in Ann Arbor.

    John Salemi
    St. Johns, MI