Heidi & E --Kennicott Mine

IMG_0538 copy

Heidi and E's wedding was held at Kennicott Mine --and I count myself fortunate to be hired to travel to such a beautiful place! The wedding was held before a backdrop of the Wrangell Mountains and the awesomeness of being in such a remote location lent itself to the mood of the event. Everyone who drove so long to get out there was rewarded with getting to party amidst windswept views of the Root and Kennicott glaciers.

Late evening I pulled E and Heidi away from the dance floor to do a second set of portraits in the honey light.

IMG_0139 copy

IMG_8484 copy

IMG_0313 copy

IMG_0343 copy

IMG_0455 copy

IMG_9508 copy

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  1. Wow, Natty. Your photos just keep getting better. The shots in the 'honey light' are particularly wonderful.

    I love your blog. I love the way it connects me to you from across the globe. . . wherever you may be.

    Jeffrey is in Salt Lake City this week, working on a project within view of those mountains.

  2. Dude... awesome stuff. Very impressive. I hope you make a sample book out of this one.

  3. You are gifted! Thanks for helping to bring me - Heidi's cousin in Washington DC - into the whole experience through your photography. I wept! Great work!