Wrangell Mountains Center

A couple weeks ago, while visiting Kennicott Mine for Heidi & E's wedding, I had the privilege of staying at an outdoor education non-profit center in McCarthy--the Wrangell Mountains Center. The purpose of the WMC is to promote science, outdoor education and the arts in a community-oriented, well, community.

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The staff at the center, including executive director Jeremy, were super friendly and really excited about their jobs and about being in the Wrangells. I caught the bug too. Needless to say, I hope to be back in the Wrangell Mts for more trips as soon as later this summer but most certainly in summers to come. It's a pretty special place.

Included here are various images taken around the center during my stay. The staff was pretty busy with preparations for all the school groups and scientists that will be rolling through McCarthy this summer. There were gardens to be planted, stairs to be stained, and a whole list of things to be fixed.

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Also included are some images from my epic, post-wedding day hike/bushwack up a local mountain (Donahoe Peak)...I only reached a false summit by 8pm (late start) and so, being alone, I opted to call it a day and head down.

But I had some nice time on the glacier and an intriguing interaction with a red fox.

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Root Glacier coming down to the left, Kennicott Glacier to the right, Chugach Mountains furthest in the distance, and the Wrangells Mountains in the foreground.

IMG_0618 copy
Mine ruins on the mountain across the glacier from Donahoe.

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IMG_0570 copy
Donahoe peak up to the right.

IMG_0770 copy

IMG_0698 copy
The knobby peak from whence I came.

IMG_0703 copy

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