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Cindy & Greg's solstice wedding was held at the Sacred Heart Parish in Wasilla followed by a reception at Settler's Bay on the lightest night of the year. They had me for the full day which allowed me the opportunity to capture diversity of imagery. I even had a record breaking image day--over 5000 photos taken. In addition to Cindy and Greg both being sweet and laid back, the entire family was relaxed and full of smiles all day long.

One of the highlights for me involved heading up into the greenery of Hatcher Pass in a chartered bus to do a photo shoot.

The day was long, but fun. There's usually a point on the dance floor where I'm having such a good time trying to use the light in different ways that I forget that I'm actually working. Thanks, Cindy and Greg et al. for being such an awesome group!

Stay tuned for a post of our solstice celebration pack rafting trip in Denali National Park.

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  1. We absolutely LOVE the pictures. Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job, we couldn't have asked for more.
    Greg and Cindy