Kassi & Jacob--Big Lake

Update: Click on center of frame below to see Kassi & Jacob's slide show.

IMG_0580 copy

Okay, this is going to be an especially photo-heavy blog post. Due to the quantity of imagery I've had to process this summer, Kassi & Jacob's post is coming a bit later than I'd intended. So to make up, I'm going to post a whole slew of images here.

I've found this summer that I'm shooting way more than I intended at weddings. There are advantages and disadvantages to this. Clients end up w/more images, and I end up with way more editing time. Fine by me if it means getting more, better images. I hope the brides agree!

Rather than talk about how sweet (and patient!) Kassi has been, and what a beautiful location the two chose for their wedding (Jacob's parents' house on a lake), I'm going to let the images speak for the day--as they should.

(PS- As usual, there are too many fun photos of kids to post them all but here are a ton of them anyway...also, some images of K & J's beloved dog).

IMG_0643 copy

IMG_0835 copy

IMG_0058 copy

IMG_0016 copy

IMG_0988 copy

IMG_0217 copy

IMG_0380 copy

IMG_1327 copy

IMG_0414 copy

IMG_1662 copy

IMG_1764 copy

IMG_0508 copy

IMG_1842 copy

IMG_1876 copy

IMG_1941 copy

IMG_1949 copy

IMG_0553 copy

IMG_1978 copy

IMG_0595 copy

IMG_2029 copy

IMG_2039 copy

IMG_2057 copy

IMG_0666 copy

IMG_2207 copy

IMG_2069 copy

IMG_2244 copy

IMG_2326 copy

IMG_0018 copy

IMG_0105 copy

IMG_0578 copy

IMG_2906 copy

IMG_0162 copy

IMG_3078 copy

IMG_3196 copy

IMG_3248 copy

IMG_0269 copy

IMG_3379 copy

IMG_3402 copy

IMG_3438 copy

IMG_3779 copy

IMG_3905 copy

IMG_0064 copy

IMG_0089 copy

IMG_0112 copy

IMG_0147 copy

IMG_4013 copy

IMG_0167 copy

IMG_0502 copy

IMG_4469 copy

IMG_0414-2 copy

IMG_0228 copy

IMG_4416 copy

IMG_0523 copy

IMG_0665 copy

IMG_0641 copy

IMG_4683 copy

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  1. Now that you have all those fancy lenses, you'll have to start posting which one you used for which shot... although, it looks like that 85mm fixed is serving you well, eh?