Amanda & Nate

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I met up with Amanda and Nate after their ceremony at the LDS Temple on south side--we'd planned for an extensive portrait shoot after executing a handful of group portraits on the temple grounds. They gave me about 3 hours around town and we had a pretty good time fitting a diversity of imagery into that timeframe (although my "AK Wedding Photojournalist" moniker hangs loosely during these pose-heavy shoots).

Honestly, the light was so good I didn't want to stop. And the two of them were pretty cute together. Starting with a few images of the group, scroll down for more images from our portrait walks.

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"Are you married?" they asked. Gotta love kids.

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Julie & Nicky--Sadie Cove


I traveled to the serene Sadie Cove by water taxi--about a half hour's ride across the bay from Homer for the wedding of Julie & Nicky who had flown all the way up from Texas to get married! The weather turned beautiful by shoot time with intermittent fog and the wedding ceremony was small--consisting of the bride and groom, a few lodge employees, an employee's dog, and two visiting volunteers.

IMG_0187 copy

The wedding was held at the famed Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge. The contract stipulated I shoot for 5 hours, but I would have shot all day if it meant I could spend the night to hike up to the waterfall behind the lodge, take a sauna, and explore the ginormous Alaskana library in the Common Lounge Room while looking out across the water.

Following the wedding images are a handful of images of the employees, as well as a few I grabbed around the harbor back in Homer upon return.

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