Brooke & Garrison

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Brooke and Garrison held their wedding ceremony at Raven Glacier Lodge in Girdwood on a gorgeous, late summer day. I'd already photographed with the two when I did their engagement photos earlier in the summer (to see those images, click here). We had really awesome light on our side for both shoots and plenty of time--an important factor in creating a portfolio of images with diversity (and I'm grateful for their patience in both these extensive shoots).

After a short, sweet ceremony and reception among dear friends (some of whom traveled from as far as Australia for the gathering) we headed out for a few hours for a portrait shoot around Girdwood's temperate rain forest and the Turnagain Arm area. The first image is my favorite because the rainfall became illuminated as it streamed through the spruce needles during a kiss appearing like tiny crystals falling to the ground around Brooke and Garrison.

It was an all around beautiful day!!
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