Chanda & Colin--Denali!

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The day before Chanda and Colin's wedding ceremony and reception in Denali National Park was rainy. The day after was pretty nasty and chilly as well. After all, late August in the interior of Alaska means full-on autumn. But the day of the wedding itself was quite pleasant. On top of that, we were surrounded by a heightening color of the landscape and we were blessed with great light throughout the day! Their ceremony was held in the hall of the Denali Foundation, a non-profit that sits in "the Village." When I met w/Chanda and Colin (while passing through Fairbanks last winter) and heard of their location, I was particularly excited about it because it is exactly where I lived and worked (and played) one summer years ago--and for which I still hold a place in my heart.

Chanda and Colin's reception was beautiful. They were surrounded by people who clearly loved them both very dearly and who had traveled from around the world for their celebration. My friend (and fellow wedding photographer) Nick joined me on this day; you'll see his photos in the slide show.

I don't know how to articulate this, but I've been growing even fonder and fonder of photographing wedding occasions. I'm not embarrassed to say that I've been getting a bit teary at every ceremony this past summer and Chanda and Colin's was no exception. This is not only a testament to the quality of love that was expressed between these two, I think, but the love that all of their friends and family expressed for them. I feel so fortunate to be given the responsibility of documenting these gatherings and have made it my duty not only to capture in imagery as much emotion as possible on these occasions, but to make the images sing--using light and depth of field. I try to combine photojournalism with fine art to this end (and this is a continuing evolution)...

Scroll down to view the images from Chanda and Colin's day!
(or view their slide show here):

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