Christy & Ross - Holyoke, MA

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Christy and Ross received their photos awhile ago--so I've been meaning to post a blog about their wedding last September for some time now. Ross is a good bud that I met when he lived in Girdwood a few winters back and I was excited to get to be part of their wedding!

Ceremony day was sunny and 70-degrees--exceptional autumn weather for most states. The warmth was certainly felt by all. Rich evening light was bouncing all over the place as ceremony progressed into reception celebration.

I really admire Christy and Ross' relationship. It clearly blesses everyone around them. They're the kind of people that you feel lucky to know and make you wonder what you must have done to have scored their friendship! :)

Scroll down the end frame and click the center to see the slide show.

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  1. Hi Christina,

    It's Whitney from Scott Lane. You look beautiful and so happy and in love. Would love to hear from you. find me on facebook or shoot me an email. So happy for you.