Cortney & Jason - Girdwood, AK

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Cortney and Jason were sure brave to have a winter wedding in the northland and then be willing to strut around for portraits in the brisk day that the ceremony landed on. We lucked out with great weather down in Girdwood the day of the wedding--partly cloudy skies and a fresh dusting of snow. Everyone had their own highlights I'm sure but for me it was the top hats that the gentlemen wore, the distance which an entire clan of Cortney's French friends traveled just to see her marry, and the teary breakdown on the part of Cortney during the ceremony. One should never be ashamed of such a sincere outpouring of emotion on their wedding day. I dig it!

Scroll down to see the slide show at the bottom.

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These dear friends of Cortney's came all the way from France just for the wedding!

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