Miranda & Nathanael - New Orleans, LA

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I go way back with these two. Nathanael was one of the first people (besides my dorm-mates) that I met in college. Miranda was one of the goofiest.

Here's how they first met: Miranda loved the way Nathanael walks (who doesn't?) so one day she jumped out of the bushes (outside of the college dining hall) to scare him. From what I understand this would mark their only interaction until 6 years later when the two reconnected while living in Boston. Nathanael must have either forgotten about the emotional scar Miranda had left on him all those years earlier, or perhaps their odd first meeting had been the catalyst for his attraction to her. We may never know.

Regardless, this was a perfect weekend in New Orleans celebrating the bond of two dear friends and catching up with other old college friends. (It also served as a nice break from my island living).

A few of the photos are from the rehearsal the day before the ceremony. Scroll down to the bottom to see their slide show!

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Fire ants!

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