Brook & Joe - Homer

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I thought I'd post a slide show from Brook and Joe's wedding last summer in Homer. Joe, the owner of Chugach Peaks Photography, asked if I would photograph his wedding along with a couple of the shooters from his company.

The weather was spectacular and the wedding was held on bluffs overlooking Kachemak Bay. Joe, a recently minted pilot, took Brook up in a plane as a surprise and they buzzed the wedding party on the bluff a few times. Nice work!

Since there was no obligation to get these images to anyone (other than to Brook), Joe and I have each independently just really begun looking through the images from his wedding day. Being a photographer's wedding, just imagine the quantity of images he has to wade through.
Watch the slide show below!

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I love this one. This is a note that Joe wrote to himself and the world promising he would be single forever. He even signed it! Joey, you're such a liar.


Candace & Chris-engaged!

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Candace and Chris braved some pretty icy winds down on the inlet the other day to get these engagement images. From the Kincaid parking lot, the temps were manageable. But as soon as we dropped down to the water's edge below the chalet the wind was running amok and dropped the temperature to an unfavorable degree. That said, the day was gorgeous and the two of them were happy to be out in it the sunlight making some images.

I think at this point in the seasonal cycle, we're all happy just to get some direct sunlight! Funny that the next time I'll see Candace and Chris will be exactly 6 months later (to the day) for their wedding. The sun will be just past the height of its glory in the boreal landscape and Alaskans will be smoking their salmon and taking midnight bike rides along a coastal trail lined with puffy cottonwood seeds.

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Shannon & Witold

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Shannon and Witold flew up to Alaska for a post-wedding celebration last week. I was especially honored to be hired to photograph their portraits and family celebration since both of them are wedding photographers themselves. The two have now moved to Ireland where they plan to start up their wedding photography business again. Here's to good luck and love in their new life!

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Forrest & Janessa Engaged!!

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Dear blog readers, forgive me for holding in the news so long...
My older brother Forrest got engaged a couple weeks ago to the sweetest woman!! The Wilder family is beside themselves with excitement for the new addition to the family. Janessa and Forrest have known each other since college (guess that would be over a decade) but only in the last few years have they reconnected and fallen in love. It is absolutely crystal clear from seeing the two of them together that they have the kind of relationship that blesses the world. I can't wait to see what they accomplish together!

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