Iditarod 2010

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(Newton Marshall--first racer ever from Jamaica!!)

I photographed the Iditarod for Reuters again this year. My family and I have followed the Iditarod since I can remember but what sealed my love for the epic, trans-Alaska sled dog race was simply getting to ride in my teacher's husband's sled behind our elementary school in second grade. That would be Martin Buser's sled. While I have quite a few mushers I cheer for, Buser has always been (and will always be) my favorite musher. Click here for a story I wrote for the Christian Science Monitor after the start of the 2007 race, in which I interviewed Buser.

Some day I hope to travel to Nome for the race finish. Here is a brief selection of images from both the ceremonial start in Anchorage and the official re-start in Willow.

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(Jeff King, out of the chute!)

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Above and below: Three-time Iditarod champion (last 3 in a row, actually) Lance Mackey greeting fans.

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  1. Natty, I am so glad to see your photos from the Iditarod this year! I love the expressions of the running dogs. They look so joyful!

    Just last weekend a friend mentioned that she and her children were studying the Iditarod, and I told her about the photos you took last March. That post was one of my favorites from the whole past year. Now I will send my friend the link to these photos!

  2. Nathaniel,
    Thankyou so much for giving us a window into a world we love to much but can't be part of right now...my girls and I have been studying the Iditarod for school and reading and watching everything we can get our hand on...it makes me so sad that Janie doesn't remember being there upclose, she was just too little. Each of my girls chose mushers to follow and I can't wait to show them the pictures that you took...thankyou so much! Do you mind if I put a link to your pictures on my blog? I'd love to share them with others...they are wonderful!

  3. The third photo in this batch (Newton Marshall) was featured as a Leading Off two-page spread in Sports Illustrated. Huge props, Nathaniel!

  4. Beautiful pictures! I would love to be there one day.....