Looking Back--4th of July, 2009

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Sitting here in that sweet space before summer--when the light is pouring back in to the boreal landscape at a rapid pace, I'm looking forward to the return of the busy season. In an advanced celebration of a busy summer to come, I thought I'd post my photos from a wedding on July 4th last year--a celebration at the heart of our anomalous summer of day after sunny day.

This wasn't a wedding that I'd been hired to shoot, but rather one that I shot with my friend Joe, the owner of Chugach Peaks Photography. Sarah and Matt's wedding in Seward was full of pleasant, visually-exciting surprises (a wedding photographer's dream). This post is going to be a blitz of images. Everyone needs a little summer love at the end of a long winter, plus it was a full day of shooting.

(Warning: this is an exceptionally large photo post...I'm just getting so excited for wedding season!)

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