World's largest fish market--Tokyo

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Despite my love for all things salmon related, I've never experienced anything on the scale of the Tsukiji fish market until a couple weeks ago. While visiting a friend in Tokyo, I arose one morning at 4am, grabbed a hot can of coffee (or four) from the ubiquitous Japanese vending machine and hit the metro. An hour later (around the peak hour of busyness in this market) I was winding around the narrow, slime-covered walkways of the world's largest fish market. Sparing you some of the high detail, bloody eel shots (email me if you want to see them :) --here is a take of images from the morning.

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That's one way to transport tuna.

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Tuna wash.

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Mt. styrofoam.

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Sushi stall a few hundred yards from the market. On land, this is the freshest sushi you'll ever get. It was the most delightful breakfast I had in Japan.

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  1. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing.

  2. So great pictures!
    You have great sweet clear eyes!!:-)!

  3. Alright dude, forget the fish, who is Maiko?