New York, New York

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The weekend before last I was in NYC to photograph a conference. I stayed afterwards, visiting with friends and pounding the pavement, exploring various neighborhoods with the camera. While I'd been to the city a number of times before, this time I really fell in love with it. It sounds cliche, but I adore the tightly-packed humanity, the architectural diversity, and the cultural diversity--all in an ultra-urban landscape.

The photos here are more of a celebration of the possibilities of light play, color, and forms to be found in the city than any kind of conclusive body of work. Looking back over them only makes me realize the gaps that would take months of daily image-making throughout all the boroughs in order to be filled.

Someday, I'd like to return with that kind of time.

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Kristin & Jairo-engaged!

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I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Jairo and Kristin during their engagement shoot down at Kincaid earlier this week (since I hadn't previously met them). Despite days of heavy winds leading up to the shoot, we had a surprisingly calm, not too chilly evening as we walked down near the water.

Two of my favorite aspects of the shoot:
~great light as the spring sun came down from behind its cloud cover before descending beyond the Alaska Range.
~the fact that the two of them noticed the great light and were as excited about it as I was!

Check back sometime in July for a blog post with images from Kristin & Jairo's Girdwood wedding!

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Leah and Aaron wedding

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(A friend dropped in from the east coast to surprise them on their wedding day!)

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Last weekend, Leah and Aaron held their wedding at the First Presbyterian Church in downtown Anchorage (this was followed by a reception at a family home). It was a beautiful spring day!

Although I get the sense that Leah and Aaron are a little camera shy, I think they photograph quite well, and its clear from their expressions that they love each other dearly. I'm grateful for this sweet family occasion on a perfect spring day--a great kick-off to the busy summer ahead!

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