Adak Caribou Hunt Story in Alaska Magazine


Picture 1 copy(Following the text are photos from this year's hunt/exploration).

Last April (2009) my buddy Ryan and I flew out to Adak Island in the Aleutian chain to hunt caribou. A transplanted herd brought in for the naval officers in the 50's has escalated to some, by F&W estimates (in a 2005 aerial survey), 3000 animals. A population not kept in check can have a detrimental effect on the island ecosystem. In fact, a local mentioned that Fish and Game wanted to come in and exterminate the herd completely because they were afraid the population was becoming too large for the island and overgrazing was becoming an issue. For that reason, I feel good about hunting animals here. As a former vegetarian (for 10 years) I've only begun to hunt in order to harvest my own meat. Both Ryan and I enjoy taking responsibility for our meat consumption by knowing what it is to hunt our own food. This is what keeps us hunting.

I wrote and photographed an article after that trip that has just appeared in this June's issue of Alaska Magazine.

Last year we experienced sun at least part of every day we were on island (a complete anomaly we later found out), returning to Anchorage at the end of a week with burned faces. This year we hunted through snow showers each of our 7 days as winter broke late and the squalls that passed over the island delivered a colder version of the precipitation that is normally expected during the spring months. This is more typical of Aleutian weather (minus the outsized winds that often haunt this part of the world, thank goodness).

If you want to hunt caribou on Adak, you can do so year round (for cows--of which there is no bag limit). Bulls can be harvested August through December.

Folks on Adak are extremely friendly. Here are a few contacts to get you started on your hunt:
~Jack Stewart can rent you vehicles, lodging, and help with hunting logistics. His cell is 907-592-3165
~Jeb can provide you with taxi rides around the island as well as lodging. His cell is 907-572-9911
(For chartering a boat around the island for a drop-off to hunt, ask Jack or Jeb about the possibilities).
~Adak General Store is surprisingly well-stocked (for a population of just around 100). They sell bullets and fuel for your stove as well as all kinds of food. Call with questions: 907-592-8403
~Helene at Aleutian Real Estate will set you up with the required land-use permit you need from the Aleut Corporation. The phone is 907-592-ADAK or email at: adak@adakisland.com

The entire south side of the island is part of the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge. The US Fish and Wildlife Service welcomes hunting there. If you want to contact them with questions about some of the dilapidated cabins dotting the island or with questions about trails, wildlife, etc, their email is: alaskamaritime@fws.gov

Also, be sure to get your hunting license and free (for Alaskan residents) cow tags at any Alaska Dept. of Fish and Game office.

Below are photos from this year's May hunt. I only brought two lenses this time and took mostly wide-angle images that encompass one of the most wild, volcano riddled landscapes in the state.

The haunting beauty of this island is partially in its remoteness.

IMG_6926 copyThe view near town.

IMG_6822 copyHiking the island's south side. Without a boat, you work to get here (which is how we did it).

IMG_6604 copyHome for 5 of the nights.

IMG_6651 copyPassing Teardrop Lake.

IMG_6705 copyStrangely, we found this fish in a massive sink hole. Apparently, it had nowhere to go.

IMG_6752 copyThe view from the sink hole.

IMG_6737 copyPhoto of me by Ryan Kingsbery.

IMG_6624 copy

IMG_6782 copy

IMG_6938 copy

IMG_6959 copyLucky strike in Adak's old bowling alley (not open to use unless you roll with Jeb!)

IMG_6829 copy

IMG_6936 copyJeb gives us a tour of the island road system.

IMG_6910 copyAnother building left over from Adak's heyday--before the navy packed up and left town in the mid-nineties.

IMG_6870 copyDown to where a river opens up into Hidden Bay.

IMG_6688 copyRyan starts up one of the passes during a meat haul (still plenty of snow up high in May).


Chitwan National Park--Nepal

IMG_1340 copy
early morning

IMG_9233 copy

IMG_1974 copy
harvest on the terrai

Last winter I traveled in Nepal with a former college professor of mine who is working on a non-profit idea in the Himalayas (also made side trips through Japan and Hong Kong as seen in an earlier blog post). I was there to make images for the non-profit. This was my 2nd trip to Nepal (4th to Asia).

At the end of our travels in the Himalayas, we dropped down below the Terrai (agricultural region of southern Nepal) to Chitwan National Park for a "teaching excellence" workshop that Gary was giving to Nepali university professors. Class sessions were in the morning and trips into the jungle (via foot, jeep, elephant and canoe) were in the afternoon. (Think crocodiles, Indian rhinos, horn bills and monkeys!)

The images here represent a best-of series of those few days we had down in the flat, hot south of the country. If you'd like to see more, I've posted a more extensive gallery of images online. The link is here:

IMG_0786 copy

IMG_1735 copy

IMG_9281 copy

IMG_0054 copy

IMG_1875 copy
dust bath

IMG_1929 copy
sunset on the terrai

IMG_0500 copy

IMG_2054 copy
janakpuri barber!


Rachael & Brandon wedding

IMG_9708 copy

IMG_9691 copy

IMG_5045 copy

The light falling along the aisle of the First Presbyterian Church on the park strip in downtown Anchorage was perfect--almost enough to cancel out my annoyance with their "photographers must stay in the back of the church during the ceremony" policy. (That's what the telephoto lenses are for, I guess).

Rachael & Brandon's wedding was quite the kick-off for a summer of weddings to come. The day couldn't have been more crystal clear--and spring was almost intoxicating in its brilliance that day. Brandon had an exciting week: graduation, a ceremony for becoming a lieutenant in the Air Force and then his wedding --all happening 3 days in a row! I was impressed with how much energy the two had for having been through such a busy week.

Here are a smattering of images from a beautiful, spring wedding.
***An update! Here's the slide show from their wedding:

IMG_4522 copy

IMG_9334 copy

IMG_9451 copy

IMG_4394 copy

IMG_9373 copy

IMG_4674 copy

IMG_9561 copy

IMG_9640 copy

IMG_4741 copy

IMG_4811 copy

IMG_4839 copy

IMG_9813 copy

IMG_9801 copy

IMG_5201 copy

IMG_0430 copy

IMG_0055 copy

IMG_0095 copy

IMG_0097 copy

IMG_0356 copy

IMG_0174 copy

IMG_5503 copy

IMG_5970 copy

IMG_0263 copy

IMG_5895 copy

IMG_5608 copy

IMG_0371 copy

IMG_5681 copy

IMG_5975 copy

IMG_6318 copy

IMG_5310 copy

IMG_9943 copy

IMG_4513 copy

IMG_9993 copy

IMG_0487 copy