Chitwan National Park--Nepal

IMG_1340 copy
early morning

IMG_9233 copy

IMG_1974 copy
harvest on the terrai

Last winter I traveled in Nepal with a former college professor of mine who is working on a non-profit idea in the Himalayas (also made side trips through Japan and Hong Kong as seen in an earlier blog post). I was there to make images for the non-profit. This was my 2nd trip to Nepal (4th to Asia).

At the end of our travels in the Himalayas, we dropped down below the Terrai (agricultural region of southern Nepal) to Chitwan National Park for a "teaching excellence" workshop that Gary was giving to Nepali university professors. Class sessions were in the morning and trips into the jungle (via foot, jeep, elephant and canoe) were in the afternoon. (Think crocodiles, Indian rhinos, horn bills and monkeys!)

The images here represent a best-of series of those few days we had down in the flat, hot south of the country. If you'd like to see more, I've posted a more extensive gallery of images online. The link is here:

IMG_0786 copy

IMG_1735 copy

IMG_9281 copy

IMG_0054 copy

IMG_1875 copy
dust bath

IMG_1929 copy
sunset on the terrai

IMG_0500 copy

IMG_2054 copy
janakpuri barber!

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