Dorothea and Ellis engaged!

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I'm liking that I decided to include complementary engagement shoots in three out of four of my wedding packages. It means that I get a chance to interact with and get to know couples before I photograph their wedding. This is especially useful when I haven't previously met the couple--as in the case of Dorothea and Ellis (they live in Fairbanks, and I've been out of state a lot lately).

On Friday the two of them were visiting the "banana belt" (down here in the tropical south-central part of the state) so we met up and did an engagement shoot up in Glen Alps (Flattop/Powerline Pass area). While the weather forecast wasn't all that promising, the light turned out to be beautiful as low, moisture-laden clouds moved around us as I photographed. It turned out to be a beautiful late afternoon/evening and no one got wet. That's all I ever ask for :)

Pay a visit to the blog again sometime in the fall to see photos from Dorothea and Ellis' September wedding in Fairbanks!

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