Rachael & Brandon wedding

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The light falling along the aisle of the First Presbyterian Church on the park strip in downtown Anchorage was perfect--almost enough to cancel out my annoyance with their "photographers must stay in the back of the church during the ceremony" policy. (That's what the telephoto lenses are for, I guess).

Rachael & Brandon's wedding was quite the kick-off for a summer of weddings to come. The day couldn't have been more crystal clear--and spring was almost intoxicating in its brilliance that day. Brandon had an exciting week: graduation, a ceremony for becoming a lieutenant in the Air Force and then his wedding --all happening 3 days in a row! I was impressed with how much energy the two had for having been through such a busy week.

Here are a smattering of images from a beautiful, spring wedding.
***An update! Here's the slide show from their wedding:

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  1. Nathaniel, you always catch such great moments. I love looking at your pictures.