gone gone gone (part 2)

Its 2am, solstice night, and I'm up in Fairbanks at a friend's after a beautiful sunny-day interior wedding. I can't resist posting a few from today's gorgeous wedding on a boat on the Chena River.

This is a sneak preview of Charu & Ross' wedding today. Come back and meet me here after July 7 when I return from far and away and post more pictures.

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gone gone gone



Some very beautiful weddings these last couple of solstice celebratory days. I have a wedding tomorrow in Fairbanks and then will be headed away from internet land for 2 weeks. Thought I'd post these images from the weddings just shot that won't make their way onto the blog until my return in July. Stay tuned! Come back for some more visual goodies in a couple weeks. I LOVE wedding season!




Malorie & JC wedding

IMG_5406 copy

IMG_4543 copy

I loved getting to photograph Malorie and JC's wedding down at Crow Creek Mine in Girdwood the other weekend. It was outdoors, quirky, intimate, and in Girdwood at a beautiful, old-school looking mine! Malorie and JC have a tremendous sense of humor (in fact, it was hard to get them serious-faced in any portraits!) and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to document how much fun they were having that day. Many of the guests were young couples who were very in love so I enjoyed capturing candids of them throughout the reception (as usual) which was held in one of the cozy cabins on the premises (heated by a wood stove on an overcast evening and filled with music by Jared Woods--my favorite wedding musician). I can't wait for more weddings at the mine!

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Nate: the proprietor of the CC Mine.

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