Emily & Mark-Kodiak wedding!

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Emily & Mark flew me down to Kodiak Island for their May wedding (note to future clients: I LOVE to travel outside of Anchorage for weddings and don't charge travel fees for my time.

These two were high school sweethearts and are clearly deeply in love (notice how they're looking at each other). As usual, there were plenty of fun, candid moments to capture but my favorite part of the day was twofold. After the ceremony, the bridal party donned Xtratuf boots for a walk down to the harbor where the Kodiak Crab Festival was underway. Locals cheered as the group walked through (I'm sure everyone there knew at least one person in the party-it being Kodiak and all!) Following this, Emily and Mark hopped onto a friend's boat for a ride across the bay (with champaign and strawberries) to the reception site on the Coast Guard base.

Hurray for lively celebrations!

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This little flower girl kept waiting for someone else to come down the aisle (not sure who that would have been!)

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The bridal party paraded right by this potentially lethal standoff. Fortunately, no one was injured.

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  1. Beautiful as always! I had a smile on my face the entire time I was looking at this post.

  2. Great photo's!! It was nice meeting you there, looks like your going all over the place!!