Mischa & Joshua-Juneau wedding!

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Remember how I love photographing weddings around the state? (and don't charge travel fees for my time)! I was so excited when Mischa contacted me to photograph her memorial weekend wedding down in the capital. I'd only been to Juneau once before so I was excited to spend a few sunny days down there--unusual weather that had lasted over a week before I arrived (in an otherwise mostly rainy southeast).

Mischa & Joshua's wedding was full of children! Many of the bridesmaids and groomsmen were responsible for these little rug rats :) and I was warned in advance that there would be plenty of fun candid photo ops arising from the drama these kids would most certainly create. My favorite (scroll down through the photos to see) was that the flower girls/ring bearers had to be bribed with ring pops in order to be willing to march down the aisle during the ceremony.

Mischa and Joshua were extremely family oriented individuals. I loved catching them interacting with their family members in selfless and caring ways (like when Joshua disappeared to help his grandmother to the car when we were supposed to be around town shooting portraits :) They didn't want to be the center of attention (hard with hundreds of guests and extended family!) and were very patient and tireless throughout the entire day.

Thanks for bringing me to Juneau Mischa and Joshua! I stayed a couple of extra days in the area taking pictures with wildlife photographer friend Chris Beck . We hiked a trail overlooking Mendenhall Glacier and went out whale watching and boating on a glassy sea with fellow photographer Paul Kelly. I'll throw a few photos at the end of this post from that time.

Enjoy a selection of images from a beautiful Juneau celebration!

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  1. These are gorgeous, Nathaniel. I found them really touching even though I don't know these two. My favourite was the photo of the man using a croc sandal for a drumstick.

  2. You are very talented Nathaniel. Thank you for sharing. The groom is a good friend of mine and they couldn't have gotten a better photographer. Thank you.