a weekend in July, 2009-reborn

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Last summer while floating down the Russian River in a dry suit face down I bumped a rock and broke the housing for my Canon 5D-causing water to flood in and damage the camera. I thought this would, in addition to causing me a hassle as I dealt with an insurance claim, saturate the 16 gigabyte card to which I'd just recorded images of sockeye salmon moving up the river to spawn. I don't remember where I put the card to dry at the time, but once I returned home I couldn't find it anywhere. Then the other day, I happened to shove my hand into an obscure portion of a backpack I rarely use and encountered the lost 16 GB card!

Looking back through the images on my computer, I came across photos of my older brother, Forrest, during a day hike we took along the Johnson Pass trail in the Kenai Mountains followed by a walk into the Russian River falls to fish and photograph salmon on their way up to Russian Lakes.

I'd forgotten about the hike and figured I'd never see the photos of the fish. So opening them up in Lightroom a year later, I felt like I was resurrecting a couple days on the Peninsula with my closest friend that would have otherwise fallen into memory recesses.

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Summer is so often a rush of activity and image-making that, as the experiences add up, they blur together and become filed away into the mind under a rolodex of single images that flash through consciousness on occasion but don't necessarily serve to recall the entire experience or conversations had. But an entire card of images can do this. Looking through these photographs, I remember that this was the first time that Forrest and I talked in depth about a recent relationship development in his life--I got to hear all about Janessa on this trip and how awesome she is. Later that year, in the winter, Forrest came out to visit me on St. George Island and, as we hiked the bluffs along the island's north edge (a well photo-documented day), he would tell me that he was going to propose to Janessa. I don't need a photo, however, to remember exactly where we were walking when he told me this. Here are a handful of images from summer days I would have forgotten.

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Stay tuned for images from Forrest and Janessa's wedding week later in the summer. I'll be the best man, but will still take a few photos of the day I'm sure.

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