back from the Kongakut River

IMG_9291 copy

IMG_9112 copy

IMG_9175 copy

I've only reviewed a small handful of images from a recent river trip in the arctic. In many ways, my thoughts are still swollen with emotional reaction from the most amazing wilderness experience, floating with 6 close friends through the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for 2 weeks, sighting a wolverine, a wolf, a herd of 1500 caribou and the midnight sun (all night long) before the terminus of our trip at the Arctic Ocean (in which we spent a couple days on a reef between sea ice and the mouth of the Kongakut River among giant polar bear tracks and a herd of musk ox). In many ways, our experience can't be accurately recounted or visually told--but I'm sure we will try. I literally took thousands of images so a more extensive blog post about this trip is warranted at some time in the near future.


  1. Awesome shots, man! Very excited to see more!

  2. Nathaniel, you are such a gifted and talented photographer. I wish i were even half as amazing as you! Keep up the great work!