Charu & Ross-Fairbanks wedding

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I met with Charu after I'd returned from over a month of travels and photography in Asia last winter. Jet-lagged and bleary eyed as I was, somehow she saw the value in me and my work :) and hired me for her solstice wedding in Fairbanks. It worked out perfectly that I was planning to be in Fairbanks that day anyway to depart for a trip the following day in ANWR. That subsequent 2 week trip up north is also why I haven't posted a blog about Charu and Ross' wedding until now.

I remember at the time being really excited as I thought Charu, being from India, was going to have a full-on Indian wedding (something that, having been to India multiple times I'd always wanted to photograph). Excitement turned to disappointment as Charu tried to manage my expectations and assuring me that the only traditional Indian element in the wedding was to be the bridal party's attire.

After being a part of Charu and Ross' wedding day, I have to say that I'm still as every bit excited as if it had been a traditional Indian wedding. Not only was it a beautiful, solstice day in the interior, but we spent the entire wedding and reception on a paddle wheel boat on the Chena River! All the decorations were Alaska-esque, made by Charu's sister, and some of Charu's family came out all the way from India for the occasion. Scroll down to the bottom of my favorites from the day and watch the slide show!!

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  1. You rock, Nathaniel!!! These pictures are so beautiful and I can feel emotions that come out from the pictures! Thank you for these gorgeous pictures :D

    Jane and Will

  2. Wow! Nathaniel ... compliments to you for the wonderful work! Charu n Ross look lovely ... God bless!


    Japs n Pooh

  3. What? No mention of the clown car that showed up to pick you up after the wedding? *honk*