Kristin & Jairo-Girdwood wedding

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Kristin and Jairo are the sweetest. And their June wedding was like a dream--it was a beautiful day down in Girdwood with gorgeous light streaming into "Our Lady of the Snows" chapel. Cottonwood seeds floating through the air on a slight breeze while we rode the tram up top to the roundhouse to do some portraits (see slide show!). That same solstice light reflected off Mt. Alyeska and into the reception hall at Hotel Alyeska, setting a beautiful rim light on Kristin and Jairo as they danced. I reluctantly left the wedding that evening as my coverage ended. Folks were still on the dance floor, enjoying the live band, the sun still reflecting off the mountain.

Enjoy the images! And please scroll down to the bottom and watch the slide show!

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