Britta & Jason wedding

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I met Britta this past spring after meeting her father, Doug-a wildlife photographer, out on St. George Island last fall....one of many random professional and personal connections I made on an island of only 100 inhabitants!

My good bud Ryan shot this wedding with me--which is fitting since he is friends with both Britta and Doug (he also has a great eye for composition).

The drizzle that had been hanging overhead cooled off (for the most part) during the outdoor ceremony on the lawn of Settler's Bay Lodge and the highlight of the evening for me, I remember, was how into the dance floor all of Britta and Jason's friends were. This always makes for fun photos so I encourage all of you future clients out there to make sure you invite your energetic friends to your wedding.

The song Britta chose for her slide show ("Sweet Disposition") is a new one to me but now I can't stop listening to it --and am hearing it everywhere. I've only included a small batch of my favorites from the day on the post--so scroll down to the bottom of this post and watch the slide show!

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Click the center to watch the slide show.


Kelly & Isaac wedding

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I'm grateful to have gotten the opportunity to photograph Kelly & Isaac's wedding at the Botanical Gardens in Anchorage last month. Kelly and I have some mutual friend's in common but I was still pleasantly surprised at how sweet and welcoming the two were to me. I felt as if I were one of the guests!

I love how sometimes couples can make their wedding day not so much about themselves, but about spending that day with everyone around them. This was what Kelly & Isaac's day was like. An intimate wedding in which friends played many of the roles of the day, with a sweet reception full of smiles and hugs. Friends being as important as they were, Kelly's one instruction to me in documenting the day was to get a photo of every single one of the guests.

The reception was at Snow City Cafe so of course the food was brilliant and the atmosphere laid back. Oh! And before I forget, Kelly designed all the print--invitations, printed poems, etc. This was a really nice touch since she's quite talented.

Hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed the evening! Scroll down to the bottom and click the center of the black box to watch the slide show. The music used is especially special since the first song was played (by a friend with a guitar) for the processional and the latter for the recessional during the ceremony.

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I just had to include the classic kid-gazes-at-the-cake photo. There's one at every wedding. That cake holds so much promise!

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Christine & Dave-Colorado wedding

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Getting to photograph Dave and Christine's wedding in Buena Vista last month didn't feel like work. I've known Dave for about 5 years and have always admired the genuine warmth he expresses in his friendships and his laid-back approach to life. But I'd never seen his gushy, lovey-dovey side. So it was fun to see how in love with Christine he is.

The setting for the wedding was at the outdoor-education oriented Link School at the base of the Collegiate Peaks where Dave (and now Christine!) work and play. The days were filled with good friends, good food and, (my favorite) beautiful mountain light. Note to future couples: Christine and Dave agreed that we should wait to do portraits until the light got better in the evening rather than immediately after the reception in the afternoon. We're all so glad we did as the day was a beautiful blue bird and the evening light in my favorite valley in the lower 48 states couldn't have been more butter and honey. Scroll down to the bottom of the photo selection and click on the center of the slide show to watch how the day progressed--and you'll see the light I'm talking about during the portrait section at the end of the show...definitely worth waiting for.

Thanks for inviting me to be a part of your beautiful wedding celebration...I love you guys!

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