Candace & Chris wedding

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Candace & Chris's wedding was my longest workday of the year so far--full of non-stop image making. They'd hired me for my full day package which I always tell couples to use and abuse as much as they like. So I started shooting just after 8am and wasn't finished till just before midnight. 16GB card after 16GB card was filled as the day progressed from an early morning hair session at the Hilton to the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Parish for the ceremony, to a stretch Hummer ride down Turnagain Arm for photos and back to the Hilton downtown for a beautiful "top of the world" restaurant reception.

Candace & Chris were really great. The highlight of the day for me was that after the DJ had played the last song, what ensued was something like what you see at the end of an episode of Saturday Night Live. Except this hugging and gratitude session lasted at least 20 minutes on the dance floor as newly minted family members expressed their love for each other. It was really touching to watch! Another highlight was seeing just how in love with Candace Chris is. A groomsmen nudged me at one point and told me that this wedding had been "a long time in the coming" and that Chris had been in love with Candace since high school. You can tell by the way he looks at her--I caught him just quietly admiring her many times.

I have to say that I've become more of a firm believer in full-day documentation. I'm swimming in fun images from their wedding and this is due to the fact that they wanted me there all day--from getting ready in the hotel room in the morning on through the end of the reception. The whole day is documented, and they'll always have these images.

Following are a handful of photos that I particularly like--but please scroll down to the bottom to see a full slide show take of images from the day. Later on in the reception, things got pretty hot!

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I don't think this is a particularly exceptional image, but I found it extremely funny that the man who has just caught the garter was the same one who had just gotten all the single men on the dance floor to agree that no one would catch the garter---that everyone would remain still and just let it fall to the ground. Ironically, the garter flew directly into his open hands. He didn't even reach out for it. I laughed out loud for a good ten seconds when I saw this photo--thinking of how adamant he'd been with his stance and then seeing his and others' reaction in this image.

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  1. I love the shot of the flower girl with the chocolate-covered strawberry!

  2. you really seemed to capture Chris & Candace's personality as well as the feeling of the whole day, what great pictures and video!!