Christine & Dave-Colorado wedding

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Getting to photograph Dave and Christine's wedding in Buena Vista last month didn't feel like work. I've known Dave for about 5 years and have always admired the genuine warmth he expresses in his friendships and his laid-back approach to life. But I'd never seen his gushy, lovey-dovey side. So it was fun to see how in love with Christine he is.

The setting for the wedding was at the outdoor-education oriented Link School at the base of the Collegiate Peaks where Dave (and now Christine!) work and play. The days were filled with good friends, good food and, (my favorite) beautiful mountain light. Note to future couples: Christine and Dave agreed that we should wait to do portraits until the light got better in the evening rather than immediately after the reception in the afternoon. We're all so glad we did as the day was a beautiful blue bird and the evening light in my favorite valley in the lower 48 states couldn't have been more butter and honey. Scroll down to the bottom of the photo selection and click on the center of the slide show to watch how the day progressed--and you'll see the light I'm talking about during the portrait section at the end of the show...definitely worth waiting for.

Thanks for inviting me to be a part of your beautiful wedding celebration...I love you guys!

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  3. Natty, these photos are extraordinary! Thank you for capturing the pure joy, as well as the beauty, whimsy, and tender love that permeated the day. I look forward to having these in a form that Andrew and I can treasure always! Cindy

  4. Good thing you included Russel getting flipped over Cookie. It tells the true festive mood of the wedding. Ciao!