Kelly & Isaac wedding

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I'm grateful to have gotten the opportunity to photograph Kelly & Isaac's wedding at the Botanical Gardens in Anchorage last month. Kelly and I have some mutual friend's in common but I was still pleasantly surprised at how sweet and welcoming the two were to me. I felt as if I were one of the guests!

I love how sometimes couples can make their wedding day not so much about themselves, but about spending that day with everyone around them. This was what Kelly & Isaac's day was like. An intimate wedding in which friends played many of the roles of the day, with a sweet reception full of smiles and hugs. Friends being as important as they were, Kelly's one instruction to me in documenting the day was to get a photo of every single one of the guests.

The reception was at Snow City Cafe so of course the food was brilliant and the atmosphere laid back. Oh! And before I forget, Kelly designed all the print--invitations, printed poems, etc. This was a really nice touch since she's quite talented.

Hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed the evening! Scroll down to the bottom and click the center of the black box to watch the slide show. The music used is especially special since the first song was played (by a friend with a guitar) for the processional and the latter for the recessional during the ceremony.

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I just had to include the classic kid-gazes-at-the-cake photo. There's one at every wedding. That cake holds so much promise!

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  1. These photos are absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't make the wedding, but thank you for doing such a great job of capturing the day of a beautiful bride that I love very much, and her family that I miss dearly, and the beautiful family she has become a part of and all of their wonderful friends. How amazing. Thanks! ~Lee