Jackie & Glenn wedding

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Jackie and Glenn's wedding was fortuitously held on a sunny day at the end of August. I love the feeling of the Alaska Native Heritage Center - the tall ceilings over the hall where the ceremony and reception were held, the 2 stories of picture windows lining one side of the room allowing the ambient light to reflect onto the dance floor. Also, the grounds behind the building with their totem poles and the reconstructed cedar house are a great place to photograph portraits.

I think what I appreciated most about Jackie and Glenn's wedding was that they incorporated friends and family into the order of the day with the two flower girls each playing a violin piece during the ceremony, Glenn's sister playing a song she'd written on the guitar, and friends and family contributing readings. Later, during the reception, various guests sang karaoke to the delight of all in attendance. It was a really sweet evening!

Scroll down to the bottom of this post to see their slide show.

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