Meghan & Greg - Seattle wedding

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Whilst Megan and Greg were busy being way in love (he weeping throughout the day and she laughing and hugging) I was falling in love in a different kind of way...
with the color scheme of their wedding, their fashion sensibility and, you guessed it, that sweet, soft light (my own true love for life).

I stuck around Seattle an extra day to visit with college friends and do a portrait shoot of Meghan and Greg in wedding attire around the city. Check back in the coming days for an offering of favorites from that shoot.

In the meantime:
**photo blitz**
take a deep breath...

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  1. Great Job Natty!

    You know you were actually in my dream last night!?! I happily ran into you, you were crouched over your camera and I gave yah a big pat on the back and told you- I've been looking at your blog lately and WOW, it looks awesome.

    I think you said something like- thanks buddy. lol

    anyway its true and something I've been meaning to tell you and now I just did!

  2. Yay! Wonderful photos, Nathaniel! Loved seeing you there - thank you for sharing these with everyone. You have such a loving, vibrant, and beautifully narrative eye (hope that somehow makes as much sense to you as it does to me!). The photos, the people in them, and the moments they capture glow.

    Love to you -


  3. The life expressed through your photographs is truly amazing! Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to many more... Incredible talent -- glad you pursued photography professionally. The world is better for it.
    Karyn, Meghan's Mom